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This is the site's Accessibility page.

Goal is WCAG 2.2 AAA. No formal audit has been performed. Falling short on a few criteria. This does NOT constitute a Conformance Claim. It is an aspiration.


  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) Landmark Roles are labelled.
  • Hierarchical heading structure, without skipping levels.
  • There is breadcrumb navigation on most pages...although it is not particularly helpful on a site with such a shallow hierarchical depth.
  • Skip links.
  • Only data tables; No layout tables.



Both the dark and light color schemes should have no color contrast issues with:

  • Trichromacy (normal color vision)

with the following Dichromacy Color Vision Deficiencies (CVDs):

  • Protanopia (red blindness)
  • Deuteranopia (green blindness)
  • Tritanopia (blue blindness)

and with Rod Monochromacy (RM) color vision deficiency (CVD):

  • Achromatopsia (no color)

Based on the above, inferences could be drawn that there are no color contrast issues with the following Anomalous Trichromacy CVDs:

  • Protanomaly (red weakness)
  • Deuteranomaly (green weakness)
  • Tritanomaly (blue weakness)

and with the following Cone Monochromacy (CM) CVDs:

  • Blue Cone Monochromacy (BCM)
  • Green Cone Monochromacy (GCM)
  • Red Cone Monochromacy (RCM)

ISSUE: Both the dark and light color schemes have multiple issues with:

  • Contrast sensitivity loss

NOTE: The above statements about contrast are made based on testing with the Firefox browser's Accessibility developer tool.



The following accessibility metadata are utilized.

  • accessibilityAPI
    • ARIA
  • accessibilityControl
    • fullKeyboardControl
    • fullMouseControl
    • fullTouchControl
  • accessibilityFeature
    • alternativeText
    • highContrastDisplay
    • readingOrder
    • structuralNavigation
    • tableOfContents (on pages dense enough to warrant one)
  • accessibilityHazard
    • noFlashingHazard
    • noMotionSimulationHazard
    • noSoundHazard
  • accessModeSufficient
    • textual



Personalization Semantics Content (external link) data are utilized, including:

  • data-action values
    • comment
    • expand
    • reset
    • submit
    • toc
  • data-destination values
    • about
    • accessibilityStatement
    • contact
    • home
    • sitemap
    • terms
  • data-simplification value(s)
    • low


Tools include: