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This website is operated exclusively for private purposes.

I think it's pretty obvious who operates this website just by looking at its domain name. Home base is in the metropolitan area with a 630-foot stainless steel inverted catenary croquet wicket on the riverfront a few miles from the confluence of the country's two longest rivers.

I get more than enough spam, so don't expect me to publish my email address on the web, just to have it scraped by a bot, whether for purposes benign or nefarious. When I get around to it, I'll probably put a form with a CAPTCHA (sigh!) on the Contact page.

Daily visits to my physical mailbox already find it stuffed with unsolicited catalogs, advertising circulars, and charitable solitations from a plethora of businesses and non-profits, some personally addressed and plenty simply to "Resident". It easily half fills my recycle bin. Save a tree, already! Guess I'll not publish my postal address to the bots either.

The VoIP "land line" already receives plenty of robocalls, despite being on national and state "do not call" lists. Luckily it's fairly under control for the time being thanks to a free robocall blocking service I stumbled upon while searching a CallerID number before answering. So you won't find me publicising my number.

Same goes for the cell number. Fortunately it hasn't been ravaged yet. I'd like to keep it that way.