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Be a polite, well-behaved bot.

  • Respect the robots.txt de-facto standard (external link), which is now being standardized and extended: Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Informational Request for Comments (RFC) draft Robots Exclusion Protocol draft-koster-rep (external link).
    • Internet Archives Wayback Machine archive.org_bot is exempt from this requirement.
  • Don't "rapid-fire". Be polite and never degrade a website’s performance. Preferably, utilize the robots.txt unofficial extension Crawl-Delay directive.
  • Don't send a blank User Agent string.
  • Don't forge another bot's User Agent string.
  • In your User Agent string, include a website URL.
    • The referenced URL should actually exist and work. No 404's. No redirects to parking pages.
    • It should explain in detail the purpose(s) for the bot's data collection.
    • Data sharing practices should also be explained.
    • Include contact information as well.
  • Don't submit forms.
  • Use modern HTTP and TLS protocols.

ADVISEMENT: Whether polite and well-behaved, or not, the right to block any bot is reserved by this website's author and its web hoster.



Feel free to browse this site to your heart's content.

Bacon Ipsum

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ADVISEMENT: These terms can change without notice. Changes will appear on this page.